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What We Do

We offer a full services platform with expertise in underwriting and valuation for acquisitions, strategic asset management to maximize operating results of day to day operations.

Our access and broad experience with management companies, brokers, lenders, equity partners, the legal community and many other real estate professionals enhances our ability to provide current and relevant information and solutions for streamlined decision making and execution and asset dispositions and business plans.

Our services include all phases of pre-acquisition due diligence support including physical condition reports, market analysis, and managing the  closing process. We also provide post closing business plan development, budgeting and capital planning.  We can:

  • Help you target defined MSA’s and sub-markets for acquisitions with accredited market research including targeted supply & demand data and aggregate industry drivers.  We can evaluate broker packages, tour assets, shop competitive properties and provide timely analysis for acquisition decision-making;
  • Conduct, or manage 3rd party physical due diligence activities including unit inspections, physical and environmental condition reports, lease audits, market surveys and market/sub-market analysis.  From start to finish, we will develop your  underwriting proforma and business plan along with your capital budget and replacements/replacement reserve analysis;
  • Mitigate upfront legal costs through RFP bids or cost analysis and help you pick the most cost effective firm.  Through this process, we can manage zoning, title and survey reviews, including building code/FHA  compliance;
  • Coordinate or supervise the closing process with your lender, partners, title company and law firms. We have extensive experience with all forms and structures of legal, loan and partnership documents.

Our ongoing management expertise includes managing operating properties, implementation and execution of leasing strategies, creating and monitoring of operating and value-engineered capital budgets, development and maintenance of financial models and scenario analyses, investment re-underwriting. We have successfully managed numerous in-house and 3rd party management companies over the years, as well as construction/repair contractors and numerous real estate service providers/vendors.

Utilizing our  evaluation and supervision of  your current asset operations, will ensure maximization of income and will provide benchmarks for your operating expenses to   control them within industry standards and to be competitive to comparable market properties. We can:

  • Identify accounting issues and perform forensic accounting reviews to determine accuracy and accountability to streamline reporting requirements for lenders, partners and outside reporting;
  • Maximize income by benchmarking leasing strategies via market surveys, concession comparisons, and marketing programs. We can supervise weekly rent pricing to ensure/maintain comparative market penetration, pricing and occupancy. We would  also engage 3rd party shoppers and follow-up strategies to ensure proper implementation and execution;
  • Evaluate and improve Ancillary income via  RUBs, water savers, utility billings and audit enactments. We can help you evaluate and implement the proper strategy with revenue management systems, including LRO analysis;
  •  Identify and reduce vacant unit expenses through managing payroll costs, overtime and employee turnover; lowering trash and utility expenses;
  • provide real estate tax consulting supervision; negotiating favorable vendor contracts; evaluate and develop landscape standards,  and empower competitive bidding process;
  • Evaluate the cost effectiveness of interior rehabs and perform investment return analysis of exterior capital plans to identify and correct deferred maintenance and enhance property value.; engage and  supervise value-engineered construction contractors and vendors to execute capital improvement projects;
  • Evaluate existing  procedures for managing late charges, NSF, Admin, Application fees, etc to ensure proper assessment, billing and collection;
  • Implement and maintain ongoing valuation models to be updated periodically with accredited market rent growth forecasts, supply and demand data, and aggregate industry drivers.
  • Supervise a comprehensive annual budget process, including ongoing capital needs and provide critical monthly analysis, supervision, and correction.

Disposition services include monitoring markets to ensure optimal disposition timing, economic analysis and support for differing exit strategies, managing broker selection process, negotiating sale contracts and facilitating the closing process. We can also:

  • Prepare your asset for sale to achieve maximum pricing via implementation of an extensive program to maintain maximum occupancy and rents while mitigating expenses and timing variations in expenditures;
  • Negotiate lender workouts and modifications to the benefit and perspective of the borrower